St. John’s, Dickinson

St. John’s
West 8th and 5th Avenue
PO Box 48
Dickinson, ND 58601
(701) 225-5026

The first Christian services in Dickinson, North Dakota, were conducted by Rev. Charles E. Dobson in a granary owned by Guy Dickinson, a member of the family for whom the town was named.  St. John’s dates its history from that time.  The old church building was dedicated in 1890 and used for regular services in 1891.  Many early day ranch families, including that of Theodore Roosevelt, attended services in this building.  The church continues to own and display a Bible donated by the Roosevelt family.

In 1955, the congregation had its largest active membership.  In the early 1980s the general decline of population in the area resulted in declining membership.  Thus began the congregation’s movement towards Total Ministry.  This development increased the activity of lay members of the congregation in leading worship services and undertaking ministries previously limited to ordained, stipendiary clergy.