Human Trafficking

At the 45th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota workshops were presented by Patrick Atkinson and Paul Maloney of The God’s Child Project and ITEMP (Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons) about realities of Human Trafficking that is taking place all around us right here in North Dakota.  The presentation was the springboard to our diocesan wide United Thank Offering funded Human Trafficking Initiative.  As part of our Human Trafficking Initiative, Patrick Atkinson and ITEMP designed three levels (children, teens and adults) of brochures for us that explain human trafficking. Below are links to those brochures.

Brochure for children

Brochure for teens

Brochure for adults

Our goal is to blanket the region with brochures about Human Trafficking. How are you getting them out there?

From Deacon Elsie Magnus, St. Peter’s Church, Walhalla:
I played organ for the Svold (tiny Icelandic congregation) ELCA service on Sunday. While there I spoke about human trafficking and distributed brochures. Afterwards I met Father Wilhelm from Devils Lake at the Super Pumper in Langdon and struck up a conversation with him. I gave him twenty-five of each of the three brochures to share. People are incredibly receptive!

Please share what you or your congregation is doing to prevent Human Trafficking by distributing the brochures at

For more resources about Human Trafficking awareness and prevention, please visit ITEMP.