Spiritual Direction

What is it?
Spiritual direction is a companionship in which a trained and experienced director assists a directee in discerning and reflecting on God’s presence in his or her life. As Margaret Guenther has described in her book, Holy Listening; The Art of Spiritual Direction, it is “a place in which one person gives to another the ‘gift of loving disinterested attention.’”

Who is it for?
Spiritual direction is for anyone seeking to deepen his or her relationship with the Lord. It is for people from all walks of life—men and women, ordained and lay people, long-time believers and those new to the faith.

What happens in spiritual direction?
The director and directee usually meet every four to six weeks for about an hour. During that time there may be prayer, conversation, reflection, readings, and even silence. Spiritual direction relationships are unique, and because personal chemistry is important, often there is an agreement to meet for three or four times to ensure that there is a good “fit” between the director and directee. Sometimes it is best for the director to refer the directee to another person. Direction is a confidential ministry, except in situations where a law may be broken or a person is in extreme danger.

What can you expect?
You can expect a director to be prayerfully attentive to the Holy Spirit as you meet; he or she will also be committed to pray for you on a regular basis.

What are the credentials?
A spiritual director has completed a training program, is personally established in a direction relationship with a director, and participates in a professional peer supervision group for accountability. He or she is also committed to following safe church practices.

What are the costs?
Some directors offer direction at no charge as part of their work on the staff of a church or diocese; other directors charge a set fee; and still others accept donations (usually ranging from $25 to $75), depending on the directee’s financial resources.  In any case, if finances are a significant concern, it is important to discuss this with the director.

If you would like to consider pursuing direction, please contact

The Rev. Canon Zanne Ness at 701-258-1346 or zannec@bis.midco.net; or

The Rev. Mary Johnson at 770-655-1713 or mjp0619@gmail.com

Michelle Weidman at 605-390-4881 or smixonweidman@gmail.com