The North Dakota Council on Indian Ministries

The North Dakota Council on Indian Ministries (NDCIM) is primarily made up of six congregations in the Diocese.  St. Thomas, Ft. Totten (Spirit Lake); St. Sylvan’s, Dunseith (Turtle Mountain); St. Paul’s, White Shield (Ft. Berthold); St. James’, Cannon Ball; Church of the Cross, Selfridge and St. Luke’s, Ft. Yates (Standing Rock).  Each of these congregations are within Federally Recognized Reservations.

The Clergy serving these congregations are:

Priests: Fr. Lindsey Dwarf (Standing Rock), Fr. Duane Fox (Ft. Berthold), Fr. Paul Zaharia (Turtle Mountain), Cn. Christian Senyoni (Spirit Lake), Pastor Larry Thiele (Spirit Lake), Fr. John Floberg (Standing Rock)

Deacons: Dn. Brandon Mauai, Dn. Angela Goodhouse-Mauai and Dn. Sloane Floberg (Standing Rock).

Postulant to Holy Orders: Wes Fox, jr. (Ft. Berthold)