Diocesan Convention 2020


In recognition of St Sylvan’s, Dunseith, our longest and oldest continuing worshipping community. They began worshipping together in 1865, or at the latest, 1868, with the Blessed Enmegawboh coming to them from Minnesota after Rising Sun had approached Bishop Whipple for a priest to be sent to them.

In thanksgiving for the life of Herb Wilson, an Episcopalian through and through. He led services at St David’s, New Town which met in a nursing home. He attended both his own Episcopal church and his wife’s United Church of Christ church over the years.

In recognition of Fr Duane Fox, our longest continuing priest serving in North Dakota.

Whereas Charlotte Peterson has spent untold hours and immeasurable energy in overseeing Diocesan finances as a volunteer; be it resolved, this 50th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese North Dakota extends to her our sincere and well-deserved gratitude for her competent and thorough guidance.

In appreciation for the work of the Diocesan Discernment Task Force, the Standing Committee, and the Diocesan Council during this time of transition. Their tireless energy and active listening skills through the many interviews and meetings they held is praiseworthy and esteemed. This convention wholeheartedly thanks them for their wisdom, faith, and grace.

Greetings to the Diocese of Texas, our companion in mission. We cherish our relationship with the good people of Texas as we both further the transformative love of God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In appreciation for Shawn and Dionne Nelson’s work in transforming our vision of remote-meeting capability to a reality. This Spring remote meeting capability for our congregations was only a vision as we applied to the Diocese of Texas for a mission grant. The Nelsons’ sense of urgency was notable as the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for our congregations to meet remotely for convention. Their work, much of it technical in nature, was accomplished joyfully, passionately and in time for making this unique way of meeting for convention a reality. They have brought great credit upon themselves and the Diocese.

In appreciation and remembrance of Bishop Andy Fairfield. His many years and selfless service to the Diocese and to his Lord is missed. We are so grateful to have had him as our leader of the Diocese Of North Dakota. We also send our condolences to our beloved friend Sally.

In thanksgiving for and in recognition of the former Bishops of the Dakota territory:

Before statehood, Missionary Bishop Robert Harper Clarkson (1865-1883)—Bishop of Nebraska and the Dakotas. Missionary Bishop William Hobart Hare (1873-1884) sent to the Lakota/Dakota people.

In thanksgiving for and in recognition of the former Bishops of the Diocese of North Dakota:

William D. Walker (1883–1896)
Samuel Cook Edsall (1899–1901)
Cameron Mann (1902–1913)
John Poyntz Tyler (1914–1931)
Frederick B. Bartlett (1931–1935)
Douglas H. Atwill (1937–1951)
Richard R, Emery (1951–1964)
George T. Masuda (1965–1979)
Harold A. Hopkins, Jr. (1980–1988)
Andrew H. Fairfield (1989–2003)
Michael G. Smith (2004-2019)

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