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May 2021:

Submission Policy for The Sheaf

All articles submitted for publication in The Sheaf must have a title and author and be in the form of a Word document, PDF, or in-text email.

All photos submitted for publication in The Sheaf must be in JPEG format and have a photo credit of who took the photo and citation of who is in the photo.

Please submit articles and photos by the following deadlines:

Publication and Deadline Dates for The Sheaf

Lent Cycle: February 12 Publication – February 9 Deadline

Easter Cycle: March 9 Publication – March 6 Deadline

Pentecost Cycle: May 14 Publication – May 11 Deadline

Pre Convention Cycle: August 27 Publication – August 23 Deadline

Convention Cycle: October 15 Publication – October 12 Deadline

Advent Cycle: December 3 Publication – November 29 Deadline

Christmas & Epiphany Cycle: January 7 Publication – January 4 Deadline