About Us – North Dakota’s Branch of the Jesus Movement within the Episcopal Church…

Please find the Diocesan Discernment Task Force’s Final Report that was presented to the Standing Committee and is now being presented to the Diocesan Council (8/21-22/2020) before it is printed and made available in its final form. Many of the decisions that are being recommended in the Report will be acted upon at the upcoming Diocesan Convention. Clergy, lay leadership and diocesan delegates are encouraged to read the report and be prepared to respond to its findings. It can be found with supporting documentation on the Diocesan Discernment Task Force page of this website.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus the congregations of the Diocese have been directed to not hold public worship. Facebook is a site where the following congregations have been doing Livefeeds:

Gethsemane Cathedral Fargo

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Grand Forks ND

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Fargo

St. George’s Episcopal Memorial Church

Grace Church Jamestown – https://www.gracechurchjamestown.org/onlineservices?fbclid=IwAR0E5Onh4Oxhz90fKOm1LiGgDIc8776uAm8Bu33RIF_RyIOGdw4Z05lY8hE